ANIMATION is one of the fields of the film industry and is an emerging export winner. The Philippines has gained worldwide recognition In the production of high quality animated films since the mid-80’s. The Philippines now boasts of a total output of some 200 half-hour of TV for export annually. The Filipinos’ extraordinary talent for animation has also been tapped in the production of high quality animation for feature films, TV commercials, TV series, Animated games, station IDs, webdesign and preproduction & design work. Many international studios such as Disney, Marvel, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Warner Bros and now Game producers and developers produce substantial portions of their project schedule in Manila. Their major considerations in giving subcontracting jobs to Philippine Animation studios include competitive labor cost, Filipinos’ fluency in English, varied art exposure, enormous talent and ability to relate to Western humor.



Established in November of 1996, Top Peg Animation & Creative Studio, Inc. is considered one of the most stable studios in the Philippines. As one of the key player and pioneer of the Animation Council of the Philippines, an organization backed by the Philippine government, Top Peg successfully proved to be a leader by being part of many projects, and still continues to play a major role in the production of quality animation.
The company provides animation services from storyboarding, character & props design, layout, animation, clean up, inbetween, digital Ink & paint and pencil testing. It is also known for training potential artists from in and out of the company in order to discover and develop hidden talents. These trainings are conducted with the aim of expanding the field of art, and producing competent artists.

As an independent studio, Top Peg does numerous shows for clients, local and international. In the Philippines, the company has been given sub-contractual works with several large studios that are well known in the country. The company has worked with small studios especially during its opening year. Flexibility is one of its best qualities that help the studio contribute greatly in the production and success of various shows. Past works include “Happily Ever After”,”Bob & Margaret”, “Kampung Boy”, “Mumble Bumble”, “Baskervilles”, “Magic Pudding”, “Sissy duckling”, “101 Dalmatians”, “Mouseworks”, “Hercules, the TV Series”and “Anthony Ant”.

Projects made in the past were “God, the Devil, & Bob”, “Wicked”, “Pigs Next Door”, “Capertown cops”, “Kong, the TV series”, “Book of Virtues”, “Static shock”, “Teacher’s Pet”, “Kim Possible”and “Tarzan”the animated TV series. Internationally, the company worked with projects for various clients like “Captain Blue Bear”for Trickompany (Germany), “Capt. Fracasse”for D’Ocon (Spain), “Silat Legenda”for Malaysia and “Mumfie”for Phoenix (Canada).
The desire to learn and search for knowledge incites the company to explore other forms of art and applies it to current works and endeavors. Adding to its list of services as a creative studio, Top Peg specializes in logo design, t-shirt design, 3D Animation and character design.


“TOP PEG” is a word associated with the animation industry as the upper ruler with pegs of an animation disk. The founders chose “Top Peg” to directly link the company as an animation studio first and foremost. Top means “peak” or “high” and peg means “mark.” TOP PEG’s aim is to leave the highest mark of distinction quality-wise in relation to animation or any service that the company can offer. After all, who would like to be called “Bottom Peg?”


Create content design and animation at par with global standards.


Have highly creative artists involved in services that will be known in the global market.

Create our own Filipino content.

“We aim and visualize in promoting the Filipino talent globally and bridge professional and lasting relationships that can be rewarding to both the client and our company.”



cropped luis

LUIS DIMARANAN – a Master Animator and a 2D/3D Animaton Director. He has been in the industry since 1985. His expertise in the field includes storyboarding, layout, BG concept art & character design, and 2D/ 3D animation. Luis is virtually a perfectionist when it comes to the quality of work he is handling. An Accredited 3D animation NCIII and Illustration NCII TESDA Assessor. A firm believer of “Quantity meets the demand BUT QUALITY KEEPS YOU IN DEMAND”, he tries to influence his artists by prioritizing the quality of their work and to continuously upgrade their knowledge of drawing techniques. He is the driving force of Top Peg in terms of production standards and passionately initiates and experiment the quest for the latest Industry and computer trends that he can apply to his work and the studio performance. A man with a comical and hilarious sense of humor, He is an inspiration to the animators. His antics and acting is a plus on his directing job. He has also done layout and animation for Delaney Studio and NOA animation studio based in Canada. His jobs include animation for Hanna-Barbera, Disney TV and direct to video release, Martin Gates Productions, Ruby Spears, Rankin & Bass and Trickompany. He believes in integrity in life and work.

GRACE DIMARANAN – an Energetic, Talented and Creative Woman. She has been teaching and training budding artists to bein-betweeners or animators. An animator herself for more than 30 years now, she is also gifted with the expertise in management and accounting! She organizes the studio’s production schedules and marketing strategies. Grace is a charming woman with a ready smile for everybody. She is always on the move, constantly interacting with all the departments and does her best to maintain a harmonious relationship with all the employees. Presently, she is the CEO and Managing Director of TOP PEG, and also one of the pioneer officers of the  Animation Council of the Philippines, Inc. (ACPI). Her credits include animation for Disney TV, Hanna Barbera, Mumfie, Bob & Margaret, Kampung Boy, Snow Queen, and Warner Brothers shows to name a few. Grace is the overall creative director of original content being produced at TOP PEG Animation Studio.


ALSTAIRE SARTHOU – a very talented artist with quality drawing skills in layout, animation and CUIB! A computer genius with lots of technical and creative talent that earned admiration from his colleagues in the animation industry. An Accredited 2D animation NCIII, Visual Graphics Design NCIII, and Illustration NCII TESDA Assessor.  Presently, he is an Animation and Technical director of Top Peg Studio specializing in various and latest software of both 2D and 3D animation applicable in our latest projects. Alstaire also trains and heads the Animation for game projects, compositing for live and animated shows, editing and enhancing various projects at the studio. The latest project Alistaire is handling is Motion Graphics for comics and animation.



EDITH SARTHOU  – Edith is the head of Administration and oversees accounting needs of the studio. She makes sure that there are enough funds to support the company to deliver shows and projects to clients. She is in constant communication with production & management for deadlines and projections to compute costs effectively. Edith is like a “MOTHER” figure too in the studio. She takes care of the needs of the artists and also strict when it comes to responsibilities & proper work behavior of the people in the company.



ROMMEL GIMPAYA  – Rommel is currently the Animation Supervisor for 2D animation projects. He has been with TOP PEG since 1999 and has been contributing his talents in making quality productions and he also trains animators and assistant animators. Rommel is known as a cheerful person with a knack to start contagious laughter. In production, he is very determined and reliable with his work and deadlines.



EDWIN DE VERA  – Edwin is a 2D animator, assistant animator and animator trainer. An Accredited animation NCII, 2D animation NCIII, and Illustration TESDA Assessor. He has been with TOP PEG for more than 20 years. He has been working with various projects including TV series, games, and commercials. A collector of various action figures and toys. He has quite a serious character, and very quality focused when it comes to working.



MELVIN DEONDO  – Melvin is a 2D Animator and 2D digital trainer that has been with TOP PEG for almost 8 years now. An Accredited 2D Animation NC II and NCIII TESDA Assessor, Melvin is a sociable person who loves to guide people who are interested with animation.



SARAH AMO  – Sarah is the Production Coordinator and a 2D animator for TOP PEG. She is also an Accredited 2D Animation NCII TESDA Assessor.  During production, she is a serious person that deals with arranging the schedules for the studio and the artists’ workload. She has been with TOP PEG for 8 years.